Sabtu, 13 Oktober 2012


The storm hit the KPK is still tight. After almost receded with the news there will be a revision of the law discourse Commission, this time the headquarters of the Commission visited a number of police members that he would arrest the Commissioner Novel Baswedan, an investigator in KPK.
He called engage in abuse cases that led to a prisoner in 2004 during duty in Bengkulu Police jurisdiction. The reaction of the public is not held lagi.Tanpa commandeered, the various elements gave the statement in front of the KPK and the police flatly refused attitude which seems to have another agenda SIM simulator related cases being handled by the KPK.
The attitude of the police is not to smear the face or lopsided policies to marginalize the police, but it is a form of spontaneous movement on the rise swelter effort "criminalization" of the Commission. The attitude of the police is read by the public as a form of arrogance that law enforcement agencies are still not able to receive legal process knight that must be followed a general in the ranks of the institution.
Be no advantage whatsoever for the police to remain adamant run attitude "plug body" of this kind. We will always stand in the front line with the Police if any kind of assertiveness is also applied to a number of cases involving a number of members indicated police officers. Breakthrough to clean up the property audit starting helm Police will surely provide a tremendous effect on public confidence that the police had "memantaskan self" as the law enforcement net of corrupt practices.

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